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    French’s Relish New York Pickle 315G

    French’s Relish New York Pickle

    Product Description

    • Relish New York Deli Pickle
    • For more recipe ideas and cooking inspiration, please go to www.frenchsuk.co.uk
    • Our New York Pickle Relish is a recipe inspired by the Empire State – New York, USA.
    • A crunchy blend of gherkins that is deliciously sweet and tangy. Great with hot dogs, burgers, in sandwiches and with all other favourite foods.
    • Free from artificial colours and preservatives
    • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
    • Pack size: 315g
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    Great Value Sliced Pickled Beets 411g

    Great Value Sliced Pickled Beets

    Product Description:

    Great Value Beets are sliced to perfection and pickled to lock in all their wonderful avors. These beets have an irresistible sweet and sour avor that is great on it’s own or as an ingredient in dishes. Their vibrant red color is sure to add a pop to any dish. Add to salads and coleslaw for a burst of tangy taste. Season and bake for a unique side item and serve with lemon pepper chicken and French bread. They are great for individuals who are sensitive to gluten as they are gluten-free. They require no refrigeration before opening so you can stock up and keep them on hand.